11. July

Summer heat is upon us.  June had rain nearly every day; so far in July we’ve had extreme humidity and temps close to 100F every day, with sudden thunderstorms nearly every afternoon.   On days when the weather is bearable, I’ve kept busy on the car, including gradual work at paint restoration.

Over the last several days, I’ve replaced the old cracked door sill mats, the missing under-dash dust shields, the trunk mats, the non-working heater valves, and today installed a new rubber weather seal around the lip of the trunk opening.  The original seal had the consistency of a torched graham cracker.

Door threshold:

IMG_0114Trunk mat and weather seal:


A fellow ponton owner is sending me a replacement “false radiator” – the grill at the front of the hood.  My original grill was bashed when the previous owner somehow drove into the tailfin of his wife’s old Cadillac Sedan deVille.  I’ll need to do some cleaning and polishing, but it’ll be a definite improvement.



1 Response to 11. July

  1. Keith Mott says:

    Great to see more progress, and I am enjoying watching the route evolve. I don’t think you’ll regret seeing the National Parks in Southern Utah. They’re spectacular. Going over the Glen Canyon Dam and through Flagstaff will also be interesting driving.

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