12. August

Bits and bobs.

Now doing test drives every few days – and always finding something that can be improved. 

1.  added under-dash power switch for the electric fuel pump.  Can now use it just to prime the carb, or as a backup if the mechanical pump fails.

2.  added third brake light on sundeck for better visibility.  Patched into the main tail light circuit.


3. added new circuit for ignition coil.  Original was causing the ignition switch to overheat.  Now running ignition directly from battery (starter solenoid) via switch under dash.

4. when accelerating or decelerating between 30 and 50, sometimes feel a slight metal vibration.  Could be exhaust pipe rattling against frame.

5.  added 12 volt power outlet under dash, for GPS, etc.  Original cigar lighter isn’t “standard” size, so today’s car power plugs don’t fit snugly.

During a 75 mile test drive yesterday (August 7) the car performed almost flawlessly.  Town traffic, two lane blacktop at 50mph, and interstate at 65-75mph.  Those UPS tandem trailers are *big* – but I had no problem keeping up, or getting out of their way.

One issue:  during a single hard braking episode, I felt a front end shudder, which stopped when I released the brakes.  Brakes were normal otherwise.  Could be an out of round brake drum; need to check that out.

I’ve also replaced the original damaged radiator grill mesh.   Here’s the before:


And the after:



August 15 –

Here’s a surprise.  I found an original Mercedes-Benz ad showing the route of the 1959 190D cross country drive.  The ad verifies that the photo I found in a 1959 Motor Trend magazine, showing what appears to be my dad, my brother, and me looking at the 190D, actually is what I long suspected.  As the car passed through Fort Worth on the way to Dallas, we went to take a look.





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