3. Another delay

Men make plans, and the gods just laugh. Halfway through my restoration work on Blue Angel, I learned I had cancer. I spent most of 2011 having surgery and radiation treatments. Also had a retinal detachment and partial blindness, followed by eye surgeries in early 2012. And just to prevent complete boredom, early in 2011 we here in New England endured the heaviest snowfalls in 30 years, followed over the summer by several floods, Hurricane Irene, tornado, earthquake, and the Great Halloween Blizzard, which knocked out power for ten days. Not my favorite year.  In addition to all the medical expenses, my cellar flooded twice in that one summer.  Lost furnace, washer, and dryer.  Twice.   No flood insurance.

I had to abandon my plan to drive Blue Angel, and sold the car to a wonderful family in California.   Amazing coincidence that my original plan was to drive the car to California. Blue Angel got there before I did!

But time heals (almost) all wounds.

I’m slowly recovering from the 2011 adventures – health and otherwise – and have decided to get back in the race before I fall apart even more. I found another old Mercedes-Benz in need of some help.  It’s a 1960 190b, same model as the car my dad drove for his daily commute back in Fort Worth in the 1960s.   Plan is to bring it back to roadworthy condition, ignore the dents and other cosmetic problems, and call the car “Rolling Wreck”. And frankly, “Rolling Wreck” describes me as well as the car.

Here’s my “new” 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190b:





Original delivery card from Mercedes-Benz:DataCardCar needs a bit of work.  So do I.