4. December

Adventures as of 12/12/12:

After driving it off the delivery truck without a problem, the car would start but wouldn’t rev up.  Typical.  Engine cranked fine, good spark at the plugs, timing set correctly, valves set correctly, new coil, new plugs, new points, fresh gas.  But open the throttle, pump the gas, and the engine would die.   Rebuilt the carburetor, even put the carb on a Massachusetts friend’s 1960 190b, and his ran fine.  Problem wasn’t the carb!

Turned out that the low-voltage wire between coil and distributor was loose at the distributor.  Close enough to give a spark, but when the throttle was opened, vacuum advance would rotate the distributor and disconnect the wire.  Frustrating.  “For want of a nail, the shoe was lost …”

Wiring, fuses, bulbs, and sockets sorted out.   Apparently a previous owner got very creative, patching and shunting various circuits.  Example:  license plate lights wouldn’t work; they were fed by two ground wires, but no power wire.  Color-coded wires had been spliced to new non-coded wires.  Altho’ turn signals and clearance lights worked fine, none of the left side running lights would come on.   In addition to fixing wiring problems, it helps to replace all fuses, clean fuse box contacts, and remove oxidation in bulb sockets. All lights now work correctly.

Interior cleaned and polished.  Found original seat belts stuffed down under the rear seat.  Used vaseline to shine up the Bakelite interior trim.  Here’s a before and after:



Replaced non-functioning dash clock mechanicals with new quartz movement.  Cleaned and repaired windscreen washer unit.

Photo update:  Nature provided a light snow on Christmas morning:


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