5. January 2013

Now that I’ve got the engine, lights, and clock running again (see previous page), here’s work I’ve been doing in January.

Added manual back-up light switch under dash; shift linkage switch is non-functional and screw heads are stripped.  Cleaned and repaired windshield washer system.  Also, made a template and replaced the missing sound/dust shield in front of firewall.  Here’s the new shield:


The shield is now in place behind battery and wiper motor.  Note new foam seal at top of divider panel behind engine.


Horn would only give a weak “bleat” instead of blasting the famous Mercedes “Platz da Bauer!” (Out of my way!) squawk.  Removed the horn and opened it up to remove corrosion, clean the points, blow out dust, and tweak the adjuster screw.


Reassembled, tested, then cleaned and painted horn exterior.  Sounds great.


Inspected all brake cylinders, shoes, lines, hoses.

Here’s what you *don’t* want to see when you check brake fluid.  The sample on the left is brand new DOT 4.  The sample on the right came out of the left front wheel bleeder.  Entire system will need to be flushed and refilled.


Fortunately the cylinders, boots, lines and shoes showed no signs of fluid leaking.  Replaced rubber lines.  System is now flushed and re-filled.  Minor detail that one of the bleeders broke off inside the wheel.  Easy-out the stub, then installed new bleeder.  Greased front wheel bearings.

Next up:  troubleshoot the left front brake, which pulls much more than the right front.  First I’ll lift each wheel and set the mechanical adjusters.


1 Response to 5. January 2013

  1. Dave says:

    Nice to see the site active again and the progress on the rebuild. Stay calm and carry on.

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