8. April

Starting off the month with a few fixes while waiting for some brake parts to arrive.

Added 1.8 ohm ballast resistor to the ignition system.  The new Bosch “red” coil requires external ballast.  The resistor is a large critter (about 3 inches long – see below), which reduces the 12 volt current so the distributor’s contact points don’t burn out.


Installed correct (new) air filter element, a Mann C2154.  Fits perfectly in the refurbished canister.

Mann2154Rebuilt the left and right fresh air ducts, and installed the blower fan.  I formed a tube of sheet rubber to connect each front air scoop to the heater core assembly which leads to the cabin.  Here’s a view of the engine bay when I got the car back in November – note the missing tubes at the left and right front:

EngineOldAnd the view today after completing the work – including the two new air ducts, the complete air cleaner canister on the carburetor, the fiberboard dust shield at the firewall, a foam seal topping the steel “false firewall” behind the engine, and the repaired windscreen washer (thanks Arn!).


17 April – Progress.  Removed the problematic self-adjuster brake mechanism, cleaned it thoroughly, and replaced/reset the “friction disks” that allow the shoes to slide closer to the drums as the shoe lining wears.  The left pull problem is nearly eliminated.

I’ve just ordered new tie rod ends (lots of “3 o’clock – 9 o’clock” wobble in both front wheels), and motor mounts.  That’s a bigger job than I feel comfortable with, so will likely have the local classic M-B mechanic do that work.

Tomorrow, register the car at DMV.  “One small step for man … ”

24 April.  Another step forward.

After unbelievable delays at DMV, I got a temp plate; I’ll get permanent plates after the VIN is verified.  Today I put the temp plate on the car, girded my loins, cranked it up, and took the car out for a short drive around town.  Nothing exploded or fell off – and more work is needed – but I’m feeling ready to take it to the local classic Mercedes mechanic for new tie rod ends, engine mounts, new brake hoses and master cylinder, and an alignment.

26 April – on the road!

Got the permanent plates from DMV this morning.  Put them on the car and drove on the highway for the first time since buying it last fall.  Highway speeds, plenty of power, brakes work (sorta …).  Pay no attention to the dodgy speedometer – I *always* obey the speed limit!


Work still to be done – but making this drive was quite a step forward.

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