19. Home Again

Sunday, October 27.

Home in Connecticut.


Hardwood trees have lost nearly all their leaves.  Old pine needles cover the driveway.  The car has safely carried me over 7300 miles since I left home back on September 23.  What an adventure.

Although I ran about ten days behind schedule, and had to trim my itinerary, I’ve seen nearly everyone I hoped to see – despite weather problems and “the government shutdown”.  You get a sense of what in German is called Lebenslauf – the course of a life – when you visit people you’ve known for over 50 years.  You see how their lives have run, and have a better perspective on how your own life has run.  You reflect on how your own life has changed others – and how they’ve changed you.

You appreciate more than ever the strength and beauty of the United States and its people, and the family we all belong to.

Mac and Phyllis – my parents – had wanted to make a similar trip in their old Mercedes-Benz when they retired back in the early 1980s.  Illness prevented them from realizing that dream.  I carried their wedding photo along with me for the entire trip, so in many senses of the words, I can say at last:

Mac and Phyllis took their trip.

May 30, 1945

May 30, 1945


7 Responses to 19. Home Again

  1. nancy Olsen says:

    Welcome Home Tom – we missed you – hope to see you next week . We really enjoyed the saga of your trip, and the stamina of the “Blue Angel”. Nancy & Jim

  2. reesed says:

    What a great summary of a heart warming experience. Fagin, Peg, and I will catch you on the next lap around the country…

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  4. Lou says:

    Tom, Great blow by blow trip. I appreciate you sharing your journey. I suppose the blizzard caused your behind schedule status or at least partially. I’m glad you completed this trip which has been on your list of to do’s for a few years…… Keep driving the Blue Angel ! Regards, Lou

  5. Richard Kean says:

    I have followed your trip and I have loved every update. I hope I can do the same type of thing in my 280SEL. Most likely ten years away but its never too soon to start planning.

  6. Aubrey says:

    Welcome home tom!!!
    So glad you’ve made it home safe and sound!! What a fabulous journey!! We should catch up soon!! Congratulations on completing the journey you’ve waited so long to take!! Your parents would definetly be proud!

    Hope to see you soon!!
    – Aubrey

  7. Denny Gibson says:

    Congratulations & Thanks. A great trip with a wonderful summary.

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